Foumban, Cameroon/Queens, New York, USA - The Bamum Scripts and Archives Project is engaged in a variety of initiatives, including collecting and photographing threatened documents, translating and in some cases hand-copying documents, creating a fully usable Bamum computer font for the inventory of documents, and creating a safe environment for the preservation and storage of documents.

In December 2014, His Majesty, Bamum King and Sultan, El Hadj Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, who initiated the Bamum Scripts and Archives Project in 2005, will formally launch the site at the Nguon Festival in Foumban which will be followed by workshops on learning and using the script, tours of the archives, and a scholarly conference.  It is with great pride that the Bamum Scripts and Archives Project will, at this historic festival, unveil on its site the new Bamum computer font freely available to all, a fully searchable 2730 page inventory and guide to the Archives du Palais des Rois Bamum, as well as access to some 13,473 digital images for research and study.  The ultimate goal is to turn the Bamum archives into a first-class and fully sustainable archival holding which will actively collaborate with researchers around the world who aim to consult its holdings.

The Royal Palace of Bamum Kings – together in partnerships with the Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library in the UK and St. John’s University in the USA – has today established a vastly expanded archives of unparalleled distinction in Central Africa which will preserve for all time the great literate, artistic, and cultural achievements of the Bamum people.  The effort of Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya builds on a long tradition of Bamum intellectualism and welcoming of outsiders interested in discovering the rich heritage of the Bamum people.

Thank you for your patience as we undergo an extensive renovation of our site. Any inquiries can be forwarded to press [at] bamumscript [dot] org.

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